Honey Ginger Milky Protein

A protein-rich milky beverage combining honey with warming ginger. Sweet yet lower in sugar, this tasty must-have for active and healthy ageing helps to support muscle maintenance and keep your cravings at bay. Suitable as a comforting night-time beverage too.

Dairy ingredient used: 
U.S. Milk Protein Concentrate 85

Nutrition Content

Per Serve (250ml): 
Energy 181kcal; Protein 20.26g; Total Fat 0.31g; Saturated Fat 0.14g; Trans fat 0g; Cholesterol 15mg; Total Carbohydrate 21.38g; Sugar 12.29g; Dietary Fibre 0.03g; Sodium 27.78mg; Calcium 482.71mg; Potassium 0.02mg; Iron 0.13mg; Vitamin D 0μg

Per Serve (100ml):
Energy 73kcal; Protein 8.1g; Total Fat 0.12g; Saturated Fat 0.06g; Trans fat 0g; Cholesterol 6mg; Total Carbohydrate 8.67g; Sugar 4.92g; Dietary Fibre 0.01g; Sodium 11.11mg; Calcium 193.09mg; Potassium 0.01mg; Iron 0.05mg; Vitamin D 0μg

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