Innovate Localized Products to Deliver Exceptional Taste and Nutrition with U.S. Dairy

Sustainably-produced U.S. dairy ingredients and cheeses can be seamlessly combined with Southeast Asian flavors in irresistible products and dishes.
Spark your creative ideas for successful formulations of any number of enticing applications.

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Citrus Ginger Turmeric Protein Water

A botanical U.S. whey protein beverage with the nutritional bonus of V

Ginseng Protein Milky Drink

Power up with our nourishing beverage that balances traditional Asian

Instant Protein Black Sesame & Walnut Oat Cereal Beverage

Fueling fast-paced days with the right nutrition is non-negotiable. Th

Instant Protein Coffee

Reimagine your morning coffee. This U.S. dairy protein coffee brew ble

Instant Protein Hojicha Oat Cereal Beverage

Get your daily serving of health and tranquility with our oat cereal b

Instant Protein Malty Hot Chocolate

If you love classic favorites and quality ingredients without the fuss

Instant Protein Milk Tea

Whether it’s your choice for starting the morning on a healthier note

Instant Protein Oat Cereal Beverage

Power your long days with this comforting and nourishing oat cereal be

Protein Greek-Style Yogurt

Nourish your body with our silky-smooth enhanced Greek-style yogurt, m