Black Sesame High Protein Dessert

Featuring the sweet, nutty flavour of black sesame, enjoy this high protein dessert that also serves as a meal replacement.

Nutrition Content

Nutrition Content Per 100g:
Calories 442kcal; Total Fat 17.8g; Saturated Fat 3.1g; Trans Fat 0.1g; Cholesterol 3.7mg; Total Carbohydrates 30.7g; Dietary Fiber 0.3g; Sugars 0.7g; Protein 35.8g; Calcium 1065mg; Magnesium 219mg; Phosphorus 1026mg; Potassium 2435mg; Sodium 290mg; Iron 11mg; Vitamin A 3144iU; Vitamin C 46.5mg

Benefits of Using U.S. Dairy:
Whey Protein Concentrate
• Boosts protein content and contains all of the essential amino acids required for good health.
Milk Protein Concentrate
• Adds dairy protein and calcium.

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