Cream Cheese Éclairs

A simple tasty twist on the classic French éclair, these tempting cream cheese éclairs provide an excellent recipe for making profiteroles or cream puffs as well.

Nutrition Content

Nutrition Content Per 100g:
Calories 401kcal; Total Fat 23.9g; Saturated Fat 15.7g; Trans Fat 1.0g; Cholesterol 125mg; Total Carbohydrates 41.0g; Dietary Fiber 0.3g; Sugars 21.5g; Protein 5.5g; Calcium 51.6mg; Magnesium 33.9mg; Phosphorus 154mg; Potassium 338mg; Sodium 53.2mg; Iron 1.0mg; Vitamin A 743IU; Vitamin C 1.4mg

Benefit of Using U.S. Permeate:
• Replacement of salt for a “better-for-you” éclair with lower sodium.

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