Longan Goji Berry Protein Bar/Ball

Laden with dried longans, goji berries and other nourishing ingredients, these bite-sized protein snacks provide a vibrant mix of flavors and help to enhance satiety between meals.

Nutrition Content

Serving size: 2 pieces (15 g per piece)

Per Serving: Energy 99.3kcal; Protein 7.4g; Total Fat 4.5g; Saturated Fat 2.0g; Trans Fat 0g; Cholesterol 0.6mg; Total Carbohydrate 14.1g; Sugar 8.8g; Dietary Fibre 0.9g; Sodium 23.4mg; Calcium 30.2mg; Potassium 74.0mg; Iron 0.72mg; Vitamin D 0μg.

Per 100g: Energy 331.0kcal; Protein 24.5g; Total Fat 15.1g; Saturated Fat 6.5g; Trans Fat 0g; Cholesterol 2.0mg; Total Carbohydrate 46.9g; Sugar 29.4g; Dietary Fibre 3.0g; Sodium 78.0mg; Calcium 100.7mg; Potassium 246.5mg; Iron 2.4mg; Vitamin D 0μg.



Longan Goji Berry Protein Bar/Ball

Weight Percentage (%)
Per Serving (250ml)

Light corn syrup
U.S. Whey Protein Isolate
U.S. Dairy Protein Crisps
Extra virgin coconut oil (liquid)
Sunflower seeds, toasted
Dried longans, chopped
Dried dates, chopped
Melon seeds, toasted
Goji berries, chopped



  1. Combine the whey protein isolate, extra virgin coconut oil, honey and light corn syrup in a mixer bowl.
  2. Mix slowly at low speed for 2 mins until a homogenous dough is formed.
  3. Add dairy protein crisps, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, dried longans, dried dates and goji berries. Mix slowly for about 30 sec until well incorporated.
  4. (a) For Longan Goji Berry Protein Ball:
    Portion and shape the dough into a small ball of 15 g per piece (approx. 3 cm in diameter).
    (b) For Longan Goji Berry Protein Bar:
    Portion and shape the dough into a small bar shape of 30 g per piece (6 cm length x 2 cm width x 2 cm height).
  5. Coat the bars / balls with lightly toasted desiccated coconut before serving.


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