Prawn Cracker

Delicious alone or paired with dipping sauces, this beloved Indonesia cracker is perfect for mid-day snack attacks. U.S. whey permeate reduces sodium and enhances the irresistible prawn taste.

Nutrition Content

Per 100g (Control): Energy 548.3kcal; Protein 4.1g; Total Fat 39.5g; Saturated Fat 5.6g; Trans fat 0g; Cholesterol 30.6mg; Total Carbohydrate 45.9g; Sugar 3.2g; Dietary Fibre 2.7g; Sodium 1000mg

Per 100g (Permeate): Energy 544.5kcal; Protein 4.3g; Total Fat 38.3g; Saturated Fat 5.4g; Trans fat 0g; Cholesterol 31.6mg; Total Carbohydrate 47.8g; Sugar 3.8g; Dietary Fibre 2.8g; Sodium 825mg

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