Protein Wholemeal Cheese Crackers

We’ve taken your favorite crackers and made them even better with the perks of U.S. whey protein and permeate. These wholemeal bites are a cheesy, protein-added delight with a wholesome spin. Lower in sugar and sodium, you can enjoy them on their own as an on-the-go munch, or even add toppings to turn them into canapés.

Nutrition Content

Nutrition Content Per 100g:

Energy 295.81kcal; Protein 22.85g; Total Fat 13.97g; Saturated Fat 9.03g; Trans Fat 0.02g; Cholesterol 11.83mg; Total Carbohydrate 20.31g; Sugar 3.74g; Dietary Fibre 2.20g; Sodium 218.50mg

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