Soursop Healthy Aging Drink

Enjoy this refreshing thirst quencher made with U.S. whey protein isolate that is sure to invigorate your senses.

Mangosteen Performance Drink

Featuring the tropical fruity flavor of mangosteen, enjoy this delicious sports beverage that is rich in quality protein content.

High Protein Mango Lassi

A rich and creamy concoction of mango and yogurt, this refreshing smoothie-style drink will be the perfect start to your day.

Honey Ginger Milky Protein

A protein-rich milky beverage combining honey with warming ginger. Sweet yet lower in sugar, this tasty must-have for active and healthy ageing helps to support muscle maintenance and keep your cravings at bay. Suitable as a comforting night-time beverage too.

Pomelo Protein Water with Nata de Coco

A fruity dessert drink with a fun twist. Rich in protein, lower in sugar and fortified with Vitamin C and Zinc for extra nutrition, this pick-me-up is loaded with bite-sized coconut jelly for a satisfying, chewy texture. Serve chilled and enjoy on-the-go for a refreshing hydrating boost.

Sparkling Honey Lemon Protein Water

Enriched with protein, this zesty thirst-quencher refreshes after strenuous activities such as exercise and sports, helping muscles heal and rebuild. Best of all, it delivers a fix of fizzy goodness while being lower in sugar – the ideal carbonated soda alternative.