Crunchy Mocha Protein Bar

Incredibly rich and delicious, these mocha-coated bars are filled with crunchy almonds and dairy protein crisps. A protein-boosted snack, perfect for re-energising during busy days.

Longan Goji Berry Protein Bar/Ball

Laden with dried longans, goji berries and other nourishing ingredients, these bite-sized protein snacks provide a vibrant mix of flavors and help to enhance satiety between meals.

Matcha Protein Crisps

With a lingering sweet aftertaste and a light-textured crunch, these no-bake matcha crisps are a delicious protein snack to enjoy on-the-go.

Milk Tea Protein Bites

Aromatic milk tea takes center stage in these protein snacks complemented by crunchy U.S. dairy protein crisps. These lovely treats provide a dose of protein with a flavor that lingers after each bite.

Sesame Protein Bar/Cube

A unique mixture of flavors that take pride in our Asian palates. The deep roasted nutty aroma of sesame pairs with the caramel notes of Gula Melaka (palm sugar) for a nutritious, proteinboosted afternoon snack.